September 24, 2020

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Passage: Exodus 17: 1-7 , John 4:13-14
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Posted by Community United Methodist Church of Columbia Heights, MN. on Sunday, September 27, 2020

Meditation: “What will we learn in the wilderness?” Pastor Nancy

Centering Meditation Pastor Riva
God of creation -
We give thanks for the warmer weather because it gives us the chance to still go outside for walks to enjoy your creation. We are grateful for the Fall weather and the beauty of the changing color of the leaves, the cheery color of the pumpkins, the abundance of the apples and the smells that this brings to the air.

God of laughter and joy –
We thank you for the good news that we continue to receive in challenging times. We sometimes forget that you are with us and that in these times that the future is uncertain, we can hold on to you and eventually things will be okay, no matter how that looks.

We give thanks to the gifts of life – for new babies that come to our lives, especially Iliana to Ivan, Kristine and Ian.

We give thanks for birthdays, anniversaries, and small accomplishments like being ready on time for work and school whether it is at home or not.

God of compassion and grace–
We continue to hold in our hearts those who are grieving for the loss of a loved one, whether anticipated or sudden. We pray for peace and comfort for them whose hearts and lives were left with a void in the loss of the people that they hold dear. We pray for the families of Reiner Puno for the passing of his father, Henry Soriano for his passing, the Mary Johnston College of Nursing community for the passing of Miss Erlinda Punongbayan and for all other families who have lost their loved ones.

We remember those who are afflicted by illnesses and poor health. Those who are in their sickbeds and in isolation because of CoVid. The families of Redge Nicolas, Fernandez and delos Santos, Jan Godito and Reiner Puno as they navigate their lives in isolation because of CoVid. Joan Bixler, Nesser Soriano, Lucy Tabelisma, Rose Tabelisma, Hazel Arellano and Reby Tabelisma who are currently sick. We pray for fortitude and peace of mind and of heart as they navigate through the path of recovery.

We also remember those who are caring for their love ones. Taking care of the sick can sometimes take a toll on us. May we find the time to take care of ourselves as well and find the resilience in these difficult times.

We lift up those who are in need, those who lost their jobs, those who are financially struggling because of the pandemic, those who are struggling as they journey into the educational system, those who are struggling because of isolation.

We pray for the people who are suffering from the natural disasters – wildfires in Washington, Oregon and California, flooding in Texas, Alabama, Florida and Louisiana and surrounding areas, and countries around the world.

God of mercy and redemption –
We lift up those who are hurting because of the injustices in the society. We feel the pain that continues to torment the black bodies because the society continues to think that people with darker skin colors are lesser people than those who have lighter skin. We remember the deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Philando Castille, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin and those who lost their lives meaninglessly.

We raise up our LGBTQ+ siblings who are continuously suffering because we believe that the binary of man and woman is your design and taking for granted the identity and humanity of those who fall in liminal spaces of these binaries.

We ask forgiveness for the times when we think we are better Christians than others because we have been in this church for a long time. We seek forgiveness for the times that our selfishness makes us do things that are not life-giving, but in some cases detrimental for those around us. We seek forgiveness for the times that we consume your gifts of resources incessantly.

We ask forgiveness for the times that we refuse to listen to calling of your Spirit in our lives and our congregation because we cannot let go of the things that gives us comfort and familiarity. Help us to become the congregation that makes us your hands and feet to this broken world.

Continue to bless this holy space before us. This we pray in the name of our brother Jesus Christ who taught us to pray…

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