July 4, 2021

7/4 In Person and FB Live

Passage: Mark 6:1-13
Service Type:

Meditation Pastor Riva
(Text available in the Notes File)

Centering Meditation
God, who was bold enough to speak something into nothing, who sent fire from heaven as a guide just because you could, who gave and still gives these outspoken prophets words that you know will sometimes rub us the wrong way, we need you.
We need boldness that does not fade, so that you can use us like you used your earliest disciples. They healed the sick, raised the dead, and cast out demons. Strangely, we need boldness just to love one another beyond petty generational arguments and to be reconciled back to one another – as you reconciled the world back to yourself through your Son, Jesus. Lord, make us bold, so that you can use us.
Lord, heal us, so that you can use us. Help us to receive healing from you, with thanksgiving, even when we feel we don’t deserve healing. Show us how to walk in happiness and joy, without feeling guilty for either of them. Teach us how to love the unlovable enough to want to contend with the forces of evil for their shalom and for their souls.
We need the kind of boldness that comes from your Holy Spirit. Let it fall fresh upon us every day. Let it meet us in the morning like new mercies. Let it live in us like an all-consuming fire that won’t burn out.
We need you. Send your Spirit. We need your Spirit. We thank you for your Spirit. We love you. We have waited and continue to wait on you.
God of grace and powerful weakness, at times your projects were ignored, rejected, belittled, and unwelcome. Trusting that we, too, are called to be prophets,
fill us with your Spirit, and support us by your gentle hands, that we may persevere in speaking your word and living our faith.
In our time you have called us. Enable us to trust you above all voices, beyond all of our prejudices and fears. Give us courage to follow and serve you among all of our neighbors and with one another in the body of Christ. God of the kingdom, hear our prayer. In the name of the or our brother, Jesus Christ who taught this prayer to his disciples...

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