Community United Methodist Church
Monday, January 20, 2020
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

 Welcome to Community United Methodist Church

We are a vibrant urban congregation with a 110 year history of service in our community. We are passionate about feeding the hungry in body, mind and spirit. Our worship services address the real questions of life along with our energetic educational ministries for all ages.  We work together as a community to figure out what it means to follow Jesus by serving our neighbors and putting our faith into action. Just a few examples of our outreach work includes our community garden which supports Southern Anoka Community Assistance (S.A.C.A.) and The Sheridan Story. It incorporates a partnership with Valley View Elementary, other local church congregations and the Columbia Heights Police force which helps to provide food scarce families with much needed weekend groceries.  On our service tab you'll find additional ways we are passionate about serving others.  We'd love to welcome you in worship or to any of our community events.

As you're checking out the new library, catching a great show at the Heights Theater or making a trip to the Dairy Queen, we're the church next door and we'd love to welcome you too. We believe Columbia Heights is a wonderful place to call home and will continue to make this an even better community as we serve God's people together. 



Warmest Regards,

Pastor Linda McCollough, Community United Methodist Church


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What is Methodist?

 Early students of John Wesley, who was a priest of the church of England, were organized into classes or societies to study the Bible and practice spiritual disciplines of prayer and mutual accountability for their spiritual growth in "methodical" ways. These followers became known as "Methodists".  The Methodists were recognized for their disciplined Biblical study and practices of personal piety (such as prayer and fasting) and acts of social holiness (such as feeding the hungry and advocating for justice for all people).  Wesley looked closely at his culture of industrial age England and saw many social injustices that the church needed to address: poverty, unjust wages, lack of education and a church that was not being relevant in its call to help those in need and speak to its time in history.   As John Wesley came to the United States, a new religious movement began to form that spread quickly across the  North American frontier.  Sunday Schools sprang up where literacy was a need of local children and over time, many colleges, hospitals were established to meet the needs of the community. 


Within the Wesleyan tradition we practice faith through the "Quadrilateral"--a four fold approach holding Scripture as primary to understanding but also utilizing the disciplines of the traditions of the church,  personal experience and reason.  The United Methodist Church has long been known for its work in social justice, being one of the first mainline Protestant churches to ordain women starting in 1954.  Inclusivity and social justice in race, socio-economic status, orientation, age, physical ability and gender remain strong commitments of our world wide connection.    World wide organizations such as United Methodist Committee on Relief also work for immediate and long term solutions in areas of natural disasters around the world.


Our Mission:

We are a Christian Fellowship:






Our Vision:

We are a Christian Fellowship, called by Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit to be Christ-like. It is our goal to reach out and respond to others in Christian Love, to invite others to Christ, and to serve the community within the church, the neighborhood, the Country, and the World.


Our services at Community are what is usually called, "Traditional", but that doesn't mean boring or somber!  We celebrate the Lord as Christians have done for centuries, gathering as a community on Sundays to share and rejoice in song and Word.  If you are looking for a new church, our worship programs will probably be comfortably familiar to you.  If you are looking into being a part of a faith community for the first time, our "order of worship" pays respect to the traditions of the church, while not being afraid to incorporate the modern if the Spirit moves us to.